About me

When I was a kid I saw a documentary about the Dutch visual artist Rob Scholte. In this documentary they follow him while he is painting a large wall painting in Japan. In the mean time he is also very busy in his studio designing and screen printing various collages. During the documentary he falls victim to a bomb explosion in his car. The explosion shatters his legs and confined him to a wheel chair. The circumstances around the explosion were subject to various rumours, and the accident was very traumatic to him. This documentary made a very big impression to me as a kid, and was very influential for the way I work as a visual artist.

Before going to the Academy of arts Minerva in Groningen, I was working in the graphic industry as a screen printer. At the academy I initially rejected my graphic background, and did all kinds of other things. In the second year I started screen printing again. Because it had been my job, I felt very comfortable and started working out some ideas I had for a very long time. What I like in screen printing is that it is a very flexible technique. You can print on every surface and with any kind of ink. The process of making screens is also relatively straight forward, which leaves a lot of room to be creative in the use of images.

After a while at the academy I realized that techno music had to play a roll in my work. I truly believe that music can not exist without art and vice versa. This realisation came after two visits I made to Berlin. During the first trip I visited an exhibition of John Cage and Iannis Xenakis at the Berlin academy of arts . This exhibition dealt with the relation between art, sound, mathematics and architecture. It became apparent that my work should deal with this relationship.

On the second visit I went to 2 nightclubs, Tresor and club Arena. That visit gave me a lot of ideas how to incorporate music in to art, and how my art should work in nightclubs. From then on I started making art installations and screen prints inspired by techno culture. 

During my graduation talk about my "after party" installation, I jokingly said I was a social realist while surrounded by geometric abstract art. I still believe that I am an social realist my own special way, and that I have to invent a new meaning to this term. I will pursue my social realistic side with my alter ego HENK. It is a very conceptual project in which I want to explore the fine line between reality and fiction, and has no clear medium in which it will be presented.

I get very inspired when I imagine a dark warehouse with pumping techno from the speakers. When I work on a installation, sculpture or even a painting, the start is the dark warehouse, and what I will do with it.

My studio is in Groningen, and I am very comitted to the city. It is my playground, and I want to make the city a better place for artists like me to work and live in. To do this I have decided to work on projects that have my interest, and that I am good at in the city of Groningen.