My studio is located in Groningen. I am the housekeeper of the studios of the Minerva academy of arts. This is the adress where you can find me making my work.


Contact info:

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Atelier van Henk

Ulgersmaweg 145

9731 BR


KVK-nummer 66406285


Buy work

My screen prints are series of unique prints. There is only one of them, every print is a actually proof print. Most of my prints have the size of 12 inches. If I like a certain print from a series I will print an edition of that print, which will have a larger size. This can also be done on demand. If you are a gallery or a store, and like one of my prints, they can be printed in edition preferably up to 10 or 15 pieces.

I also take analogue photographs, make drawings and paintings. Currently they are not very well represented on my site. I'm working on an etsy web site to accomodate this better. 



I have shown my work in various exhibitions, but I have had some bad experiences. I am not paying hanging money. It's my only rule, but a lot of galleries have this rule. That's why I have given up on actively pursuing getting my work shown in them. If you want to show my work in your gallery, and I don't have to pay hanging money, you can always contact me.



I really like making installations. I actively pursue any oppurtunity making them. If you want me to make an installation, get in contact with me.



Last year I worked at the Paradigm festival. This was one of the best experiences in my artist career. My skill set and interests come together at designing things for a festival. In the future I would like to do more work for festivals. So let me know if you are organising an festival and need some creativity and hard work.


I can be booked as a VJ. I work with a soft ware program called resolume which allows a broad range of output, from beamers and multiple led screens. My style translates very well to vj-ing, and I really like to do it.



I'm dj-ing since I can remember. I don't play with vinyl, but with software. I play a broad range which varies between funky house and detroit techno. So, I can be booked as a dj as well.