Paradigm festival 2017 | 11-13 augustus 2017 | design and execution of the "club" stage.





My biggest project until now was a collaberation with Anna-Lucia Rijff. It was the decoration of a room called the "club" for the Paradigm festival of 2017. It took a chunck of time from the both of us, but the result was very satisfying. The room was packed the whole weekend, and it has been the most photographed and visited work we ever did. The club consists of 8 sea container interlocked on each other

The concept was very simple. It was visualizing an explosion, and creating a very different atmosphere than what was shown at the other stages. When you entered, you stepped in a different world.In this club they played the harder music styles, drum and bass, hardstyle/hardcore and old school. On saturday night the place was literally destroyed.

I felt very much at home the whole build and the festivalweekend. It was a highlight for me as an artist. The response was very positive, from both the public and the organisation.

Because of the scale, decorating a whole club, we had some help from family and friends. The scale was very daunting to me, but what helped me a lot was the realisation that it was just like decorating a shop, which was my profession in the past. I adapted some of the same methods, like pre fabricating work, and started thinking very pragmatic about a lot of things.