Green vibrations fesival 2018 | 10 mei 2018 | Bass stage


I was asked to design and build the bass stage for the green vibrations festival in Enschede. It is a 1 day non profit festival which has about 2500 visitors. There are several stages, like a techno stage, a psy stage and a rock stage.It was situated on the campus site of the university of Twenthe.

When asked to design the bass stage, I did some research and was inspired by indian cultures. I started sketching and found the aztec culture the most appropriate to use.

IMG 20180414 WA0000

This was the design I came up with. The aztec abstract work exists of triangles, and when build on 45 degrees angle, I created a kind of hook In which I could start designing the stage. I used old vinyl banners for the decoration to keep the costs down.

IMG 20180510 WA0008

IMG 20180510 WA0000

This is a picture made on the morning before the festival. It looks very clean right now, but it was a very crowded stage, and everything held very well.