H.E.N.K. V 

Noorderstation Groningen | August 2017




The fifth H.E.N.K. installation situated at the Noorder station. When I found out about this initiative I mailed him, and asked if I could make an installation in one of their galleries. The next week I had Henk in my studio and at the end of the conversation my work was standing at the noorderstation.

Because of the sudden space I got to work with, and it was near by my studio I decided to make an experiment of it, and try various mock ups of the installation.In various situations when I was up for an installing an installation, I always had to have a solid plan before the start of the build. Disadvantage from that is you always work with what you already know, instead of what you don't know yet.

I made various installations , and explored various vieuw points. I defintely found it a hard space to work with. I talked about it with various people, and they gave me their honest opinion. I didn't create my most aesthetic installation, but it was the one I learned the most from. In the end the installation has been standing the longest of every installation I ever built.