Orbitfestfest | synagoge Groningen | 15 t/m 17 december 2017



Schermafbeelding 2018-01-06 om 00.07.51.png.jpg

Installation view | 2 lightboxes 150 x 60 x 30 cm and filled with wood and MDF.

A looped and mapped projection is beamed on to the 2 boxes.



The seventh henk installation was on view at orbitfest. They are two lightboxes with wooden layers in them. They are inspired by brutalistic architecture. My work is called visual techno, and in this case it is literally visual techno. The animated projection was developed by using a particular program called resolume. You can animate forms which react on music. It also has a mapping function, which makes it very precise to use on walls, paintings or sculptures. It is very suitable for what I'm trying to achieve and it will be a very helpfull tool in the future. It is the software I was searching for for a long time.  

The music was made up from an acid track by Tin Man and a Track by Joris Voorn, all with the bass left out.