Artist statement 

In my work as a visual artist I am influenced by my graphic background. The media and style I work in have a graphic character.

I consider myself a conceptual artist. An idea is the start of all my work. This idea then becomes a drawing. While drawing my idea I get answers on how to make it in to an artwork. The process of drawing in my work is not to create pictures but to analyze various situations.

I have created an alter ego that I have called HENK in order  to create a frame or a story in which I can work out different concepts. This can lead to an installation, painting, drawing, a photograph or even a comic strip. Every medium has a different meaning to me, and I choose the medium very intuitively.

Techno music is an important source of inspiration to me. I try to incorporate individual aspects of what I think makes the music special, and try to make work with this aspect. These aspects are repetition, dynamics, abstraction, alienation, surrealism and (self)destruction. When you analyse techno it has very much common ground with the art style futurism.

I am very conscious of the space I exist in. Therefor my work relates to space and architecture. This ends up by making a installation or an spacious object in which  light, sound and space are working together to create a certain atmosphere.

Art itself is also a factor in my work. Everything I make can be traced back to an artwork or artist I am inspired by.