Here I am…. again, at some abandoned building in Groningen,

A bunch of weird people and the place is awkwardly quiet.

Things always look positive at 3.00 am.

“Hey Henk , do you wanna go to the afterparty?”, and without a doubt I respond “ Yeah great idea !”

How could I have said yes to this, I should know better.

I shouldn’t be doing this anymore,

I think I should take another pill, the last one is clearly wearing off.

Not so smart at 8.00 in the morning, maybe some cocaine will do the the trick.

Oh yeah really, great decision making. Choosing coke over a pill, really smart.

This is now definitely not going in the right direction.

Maybe my whole life is not going in the right direction?

Sunday morning at an afterparty is definitley not the time and place to reflect on this.

Why not It’s a legitimate question.

It’s definitely time to go to the bathroom now.