After party

Art installation | final exam exhibition | 4 t/m 9 juli 2015




Installation view with a fluorescent painted wall paper, various fluorescent painted card boards,and an animation beamed on a painted card board surface.


In the third year at Minerva I did research about the relation between house music and art. This research formed the base for the installation. It's also a personal story about my relationship with housemusic. The time felt revolutionary to me, and I wanted to find out what made it so special, and if that was a legitimate thought.

The answer was my installation. My thesis explains the situation very well, I hope. It was a rebellious period, which looked a lot like the punk movement, and especially the DIY movement. Techno is still an anti establishment movement were the community sense is very strong. Every critique I read about it, was from an older person who looked at it from a theoretical outsider view.

During my final exam talk, where I was interviewed by my teachers I called myself an social realist, when asked in what kind of art movemement I considered myself. Surrounded by geometric abstract work, I didn't know why I answered that at that moment. But as crazy as it sounded at that moment, I really consider myseld a social realist.

The final exam exhibition was at the "Zwarte doos" in Groningen. My installation was in an office at the second floor spanning about 6 x 6 meter. At one side of the room there was a wall paper with a fluorescnt pattern it, with the words "BOEM" and "BAM". On the other side there were three paintings on cardboard on the wall, with an animation beamed on them. In the room were various blacklights. At the sides there were two animations projected on paintings mounted on cardboard. There were some other paintings on cardboard placed across the room. It had to give the feeling that you were at an after party. I played some acid on sunday like at an after party, but it was too hot.

Your final exam work is very important in hindsight. There has to be no compromise, and you have to bring out your A-game and don't be modest about it. I'm very glad that I used that approach.


Fotografie: Marcella Marinelli