An exhibition as an artwork | De grote amor show | 15 t/m 18 mei 2014 |




poster design and printed in an edition of 100      flyer design which was regularly printed


Part of the third year curiculum is the organisation of an exhibition. Together with three other classmates, we came up with the concept to elevate the exhibition to the actual artwork.

We wanted to make it less of a boring drag to do, and ended up with a three day festival.

Main inspiration was Jeremy Deller, who executed a party as an artwork. There was also an artist from Detroit i believe, who did such a similar thing. He started a jazz cafe at the Documenta, to create cohesiveness in the neighbourhood it was in. My background in in technoparties was also very sigificant.

Essential to the show was the experience we created, and it's temporarity of it. We also spend a lot of time on the artwork for the show. There was food every evening, and a music program. Everyne made an artwork which was exhibited, and we created around Wendy, a nymphomaniac nun. On thursday, we played nunsploitation movies, a very interesting sub genre of soft erotic, sado masochistic movies.

Animals were also part of the exhbition. We had goats and chickens which were a very big attraction.

On sunday we did an art bingo. There were three rounds being played, where the big price of each bingo was an art work. We had some quirky prices, like an art work made by art teacher Hille, or a t-shirt worn by David, which was another teacher, who always wears hip t-shirts.

Looking back, I can't believe how much work we put in to it. It is a lot of work to make a festival an artwork. It was highly educative, and created some fond memories. The nice thing of doing this at art school, is that you get to reflect with teachers about it, and really treat it as an art work. That reflection on such a thing is something I really miss about art school.