Follow the white rabbit | 28 september 2019 | Effenaar Eindhoven


IMG 20190929 WA0003


I was asked by vj Liza Renee to construct a rabbit to map a projection on. The dimensions of the whole construction is 3 x 3 meters, and is 80 cm deep, and was situated behind the dj.

It's a wooden frame with cloth tightened and strapped on to it. It's a step away from what I normally would do, but the construction was a real challenge. I'm really happy with the result, and the feedaback was very positive.







Paradigm festival 2019 | stagedesign romneyloods

For the second year I created the interior design for the romneyloods at the Paradigm festival. In the romneyloods the music that is played is techno. I believe that techno should be appreciated in a dark environment. It's the only stage at the festival where it's dark, so you step in to a completely different world.




I want to create a good atmosphere for people, with the emphasis on people dancing and having a good time. This involves a few ingedrients. What I really like about doing this, is that I'm a small part in a very large enterprise. If the sound system sucks, then all my work is useless. This goes for every part fr the entire festival. This year was the first time I was satisfied with every aspect of the design and execution of it.





Planet paradigm , a one day festival | 25th of may 2019 | romneyloods

interior design for the romneyloods


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Photo by Nielsknelis


I started executing the design very early this year. Phase 1 was ready for the backyard project, which was in march. Phase 2 was a bit more elaborate, and had to be ready for planet paradigm. It consisted of wooden frames and a marquee above the dj and a car behind the dj which had a projection mapping on it.

The wooden frames had multiple purposes±

It lowered the ceiling to create a more intimate atmosphere.

The fabric in the frames created very good acoustics.

To create zones for the light design to run in blocks.












Paradigm NYE party 2018 | suikerunieterrein Groningen

Design and building of a wall sculpture and dancing block | 30-31 december


20181229 152110


20181229 182234


Installation view. Two decorated wooden dancing blocks and one standalone decoration. Used for the build is wood and various thickness of plywood. Painted in various pastel colours.


I designed and built a dancing block inspired by art deco. My interest in architecture is influenced by the city Groningen. Art deco is a very prevelant building style, and I'm a bit obsessed by it. The theme was movies, and I wanted to bring a little Miami Vice flavour.

Although it was reasonably constructed, it was demolished after the first night with Paula Temple, and had to come back and repair it on new years eve.









Inside/outside Minerva | GRID Groningen

curating and organising an exhibition | februari - april 2019




Together with Ineke van Adrichem I curated and organised a graphic exhibition at GRID, the Graphic museum in Groningen. Our partner in this was Fronique Oosterhof, director of GRID.

Groningen is a very good city for Illustrators. There are a lot of things going on when you're one. Current technology doesn't require for you to live in the city where all the illustrating jobs are. And right now Groningen as a city is in a decent upswing. It is hip and happening, and has a lot to offer an artist. There is enough to do, but not to much, so you get overwhelmed. And there is always nature right at your disposal.

What stays behind in our view is the autonomous work artists make. There is a lot been made, but it doesn't get shown a lot. That starts at the academy. We wanted to show how such an inspiring place Minerva is for graphic artists. The reason for this are the instructors and teachers who work there, and they create an atmosphere were experimenting is very much appreciated. To celebrate that, we wanted to give them a stage.

With this story we approached Fronique, and she was very enthousiatic about the idea. By organizing the show we created a bridge between Minerva and GRID, which was not there yet. We talked a lot, and after a year of talking we organised a small exhibition called Expoost, in september 2018. We invited a few artists, and it was a good first try.

We set the date for february and things fell in to place. We invited a few older established artists with a succesfull practice. Then we invited the instructors from Minerva, who all agreed to take part. The last group were artists who graduated after 2014, or were even on Minerva during the period of the exhibition.

Finally we came up with this list of artists:

Wim Jonkman - Reinder Homan - Siemen Dijkstra - Mara Piccione - John Oosting - Ineke van Adrichem - Koen de Graaf - Jan Hamstra - Paul Hondtong - Johanna Wenke - Marius Langerak - David Scarione - Sanne Boekel - Herman Knottnerus - Wouter van Tilburg - Pol Taverne - Tobias Crone - Denislav Golemanov

The whole idea was to show the most broad selection of what is going on right now. That can be classical, abstract, experimental, engaging, just weird or outside the box. It was one of my favorite projects to do, and when it finally opened I was very happy with the final result.












Paradigm festival 2018

Stagedesign and execution of the romneyloods | 10-12 august 2018


20180811 180851


This year I decorated the "romneyloods" for the festival. It is the techno stage and I had some ideas about it.

The building was not as ready for the festival, and had a lot of cleaning and rebuilding to do. It sometimes felt like I didn't do a lot, but there was a lot of work to be done that  didn't look like anything was done.

I strongly felt that it had to be as dark as possible for the event, even though it was a midday event. There were some routing problems last year which had to be fixed. The routing problem was addressed, a few doors were placed, and it did a lot to the atmosphere of the room. Also darkening the whole space was a good step. I arranged a led wall over the full length behind the dj in the dj booth, which was 7 meter long and 1 meter high. Jay minimal was the vj for the weekend, and the lighting guy controlled the lights by playing drums.

When coming up with a hook for the decoration I came up with the idea of area 51 for the space. The original area 51, where all the mystery alien stories come from, also had a "romneyloods" at the center of their operations. The theme of the festival was space, and techno can be alien sounding music.

I wanted to incorporate lights in to the installation, and worked together with the lighting company ADD. In the ufo there were lights, and in the sculpture there was a smoke machine and also some lights.

I designed a wall sculpture which resembled a ufo. It was a knod to Keith Haring, which is an important artist for me, He made  a very large painting for a nightclub, and the picture of that is stamped in my brain. So, I wanted to representy his legacy a little bit.


20180814 103414



The next thing was a big a large sculpture mounted on dance stages. It was inspired by science fiction comics, and found it really a pleasure to make. The lights and smoke machine really finished it.










Paradigm festival 2018

wall sculpture at the main stage | 10-12 august 2018


20180813 110302


For the festival I moved my wall sculpture from the club to the main stage, where it still is. I really like the "house is art" light, and is a strong statement about the relation between art, architecture and house music.









Planet paradigm | A one day festival trip

Update wall sculpture | 2 juni 2018


Schermafbeelding 2019 05 25 om 11.11.25.png


For Planet paradigm I repainted the wall sculpture in a different colour scheme. The nice thing about it, that it lasted a year without much damage, and was as intended to endure more than just one weekend.










Green vibrations fesival 2018

Stage design bass stage | 10 mei 2018


IMG 20180510 WA0002 

Front view of the stage


I was asked to design and build the bass stage for the green vibrations festival in Enschede. It is a 1 day non profit festival which has about 2500 visitors. There are several stages, like a techno stage, a psy stage and a rock stage.It was situated on the campus site of the university of Twenthe.

When asked to design the bass stage, I did some research and was inspired by indian cultures. I started sketching and came up with the aztec culture. Indian cultures have my interest very much, and I find them very inspiring in their visuals.

This was the design I came up with. The aztec abstract work exists of triangles, and when build on 45 degrees angle, I created a kind of hook In which I could start designing the stage. I used old vinyl banners for the decoration to keep the costs down.


Schermafbeelding 2019 05 31 om 22.05.24.png

 Midday view of the stage in full swing










Paradigm festival 2017 

Stagedesign and excution of the "club" stage" | 11-13 augustus 2017





My biggest project until now was a collaberation with Anna-Lucia Rijff. It was the decoration of a room called the "club" for the Paradigm festival of 2017. It took a chunck of time from the both of us, but the result was very satisfying. The room was packed the whole weekend, and it has been the most photographed and visited work we ever did. The club consists of 8 sea container interlocked on each other

The concept was very simple. It was visualizing an explosion, and creating a very different atmosphere than what was shown at the other stages. When you entered, you stepped in a different world.In this club they played the harder music styles, drum and bass, hardstyle/hardcore and old school. On saturday night the place was literally destroyed.

I felt very much at home the whole build and the festivalweekend. It was a highlight for me as an artist. The response was very positive, from both the public and the organisation.

Because of the scale, decorating a whole club, we had some help from family and friends. The scale was very daunting to me, but what helped me a lot was the realisation that it was just like decorating a shop, which was my profession in the past. I adapted some of the same methods, like pre fabricating work, and started thinking very pragmatic about a lot of things.










Mescalineum united, we have arrived

Art installation at club paradigm | 23 juni 2016




Installation view | dog sculpture painted with fluorescent paint, two flourescent lights and cardboard triangles painted with a fluorescent pattern.

Collaberation with Ineke van Adrichem who made the dog. The sculpture consists of iron wire, plaster, pur and  acrylic paint. It 's a dog but also not. It's between a wolf, dog and mysterious dog like animal. I wanted it to look like it defends a virtual technological world, and  barks at everything that is a threat to it

I was challenged by Paradigm to do something surrealistic about animals, and I gave it my best shot. It was part of "museum van de nacht". First part of the nigth it was a museum, and the second part of the night it was a party. The first part ambient music was played, and that worked really well with the art works that were shown.














Henk en Gerritt - what happens in Groningen, stays in Groningen

Videoclip: The Prodigy - Voodoo people | VERA Groningen | 21-11-2015








The video clip is an ode to the Prodigy. They had a big influence on mein the nineties, and my friends. I listened, and still do, a lot of their music. They made rave music mainstream, and combined it with an punk attitude. They became legendary when they made the music video for "Smack my bitch up. It is still a strong statement.

The video was played during the art basement festival on 21-11-2015 at VERA in Griningen. I collaberated with Anna-Lucia Rijff and Dit is her version. They were edited behind eaach other for the festival.











An exhibition as an artwork | De grote amor show | 15 t/m 18 mei 2014 |




poster design and printed in an edition of 100      flyer design which was regularly printed


Part of the third year curiculum is the organisation of an exhibition. Together with three other classmates, we came up with the concept to elevate the exhibition to the actual artwork.

We wanted to make it less of a boring drag to do, and ended up with a three day festival.

Main inspiration was Jeremy Deller, who executed a party as an artwork. There was also an artist from Detroit i believe, who did such a similar thing. He started a jazz cafe at the Documenta, to create cohesiveness in the neighbourhood it was in. My background in in technoparties was also very sigificant.

Essential to the show was the experience we created, and it's temporarity of it. We also spend a lot of time on the artwork for the show. There was food every evening, and a music program. Everyne made an artwork which was exhibited, and we created around Wendy, a nymphomaniac nun. On thursday, we played nunsploitation movies, a very interesting sub genre of soft erotic, sado masochistic movies.

Animals were also part of the exhbition. We had goats and chickens which were a very big attraction.

On sunday we did an art bingo. There were three rounds being played, where the big price of each bingo was an art work. We had some quirky prices, like an art work made by art teacher Hille, or a t-shirt worn by David, which was another teacher, who always wears hip t-shirts.

Looking back, I can't believe how much work we put in to it. It is a lot of work to make a festival an artwork. It was highly educative, and created some fond memories. The nice thing of doing this at art school, is that you get to reflect with teachers about it, and really treat it as an art work. That reflection on such a thing is something I really miss about art school.













After party

Art installation | final exam exhibition | 4 t/m 9 juli 2015




Installation view with a fluorescent painted wall paper, various fluorescent painted card boards,and an animation beamed on a painted card board surface.


In the third year at Minerva I did research about the relation between house music and art. This research formed the base for the installation. It's also a personal story about my relationship with housemusic. The time felt revolutionary to me, and I wanted to find out what made it so special, and if that was a legitimate thought.

The answer was my installation. My thesis explains the situation very well, I hope. It was a rebellious period, which looked a lot like the punk movement, and especially the DIY movement. Techno is still an anti establishment movement were the community sense is very strong. Every critique I read about it, was from an older person who looked at it from a theoretical outsider view.

During my final exam talk, where I was interviewed by my teachers I called myself an social realist, when asked in what kind of art movemement I considered myself. Surrounded by geometric abstract work, I didn't know why I answered that at that moment. But as crazy as it sounded at that moment, I really consider myseld a social realist.

The final exam exhibition was at the "Zwarte doos" in Groningen. My installation was in an office at the second floor spanning about 6 x 6 meter. At one side of the room there was a wall paper with a fluorescnt pattern it, with the words "BOEM" and "BAM". On the other side there were three paintings on cardboard on the wall, with an animation beamed on them. In the room were various blacklights. At the sides there were two animations projected on paintings mounted on cardboard. There were some other paintings on cardboard placed across the room. It had to give the feeling that you were at an after party. I played some acid on sunday like at an after party, but it was too hot.

Your final exam work is very important in hindsight. There has to be no compromise, and you have to bring out your A-game and don't be modest about it. I'm very glad that I used that approach.


Fotografie: Marcella Marinelli










Maquette | concept for an public artwork in Groningen.




Quote van Terry Meeuwsen, Miss America 1973



The text is a qoute from Terry Meeuwsen, Miss America in 1973. It was the thought she had when she won the prize.

What I like about the quote is that it is an ambiguous one. It can be a fearful thought, or a liberating one. To me it had a liberatingh effect. That doesn't mean I'm not afraid of death anymore, but it made me an atheist, and freed me of any religious thought I had.

I wanted to implement the sentence on the crossing of Nieuwstad and the Folkingestraat in Groningen. Nieuwstad is the street where prostitution takes place, and the Folkingestraat is the hippest street of Groningen. It is also the old neighbourhood where the jews lived until the second world war.

It was  to create a kind of awareness to the public that is shopping, that there are people living a completely different life, and vice versa. I started with Aletta Jacobs, a  woman who studied medicine at the university in Groningen. She was the first woman who completed a university study. She started what is now called the first feministic wave in Holland. She ended up doing a lot for the prostitutes working in Groningen. My mind works in mysterious ways, and in my process I saw the qoute of Teery Meeuwsen and realized it was perfect. It had the ambiguity I was looking for.

The work hasn't been made yet, I had an oppurtunity to do it, but  I didn't get selected to do the project. It really is high on my list to execute.