Turn up the bass | November 2019

Series of screenprints on 300 grams paper | 16 prints in 32 x 32 cm




Printing these made me realize that I should shift to vj-ing on prints, because that's what happening here. Th ework was part of a show I co-created, which had graphic work of alumni of Academie Minerva.









Turn up the bass 1

Series of screenprinrints on 300 grams paper | 50 x 50 cm | december 2018



I made Henk X, in which I used this pattern where I printed it in black and white. Because I used only black for this I wanted to use color and print a series af it. I used various colours and did up to 4 colors on one print.









Hypnotizing unhappiness

Series of screenprints on 300 grams paper |32 x 32 cm | april 2018

Schermafbeelding 2019 05 21 om 20.31.34.png

 Schermafbeelding 2019 05 21 om 20.31.34.png


After my "Der klang der Family" series, I was searching for some creative screen print sparkle. After some consideration I came up with the idea that I had to stay in black and white, and keep the forms very simple. I'm writing this down a year later, and reflect on what I was thinking. Around this time I bought vj-software and started beaming on this print as well. This was a very important step I took, which led to me starting to think of making installations with this concept.

I printed the black squares and circles multi layered on each other, in black and white and also some fluorescent pink. They were shown at expoost in GRID in september of 2018


Schermafbeelding 2019 05 25 om 23.16.14.png











Boem Boem

Screenprint on 300 grams paper | 24 x 30 cm | 2017.




This one is not printed by me, but I made the design. I print my work in the push&pull studio in Groningen. Because the studio was shutting it's door the owner, Mara Piccione, everybody to subject a design, which she printed. All the work that was printed was shown in an exhibition called slpkgl. My design refers to the building being demolished.

They were printed in an edition of 15, and I accidently burnt them all.











Der klang der familie

series of screen prints on 400 grams paper | december 2017




During an exhibition someone said to me I had to make the bigger, and that it would look really good if I did that. The usual size is 12 inch, and I decided to make them as big as I could. This was 70 x 100 cm, the biggest sheet of paper that fits on the screen printing table. I printed a lot of these but the ones that stood out were the black ones. 

The Whitegrid gallery located in Berlin was interested in them, and they wanted these three in their gallery. I printed them in an edition of ten to be shown and sold in their gallery. I gave the series the name "The klang der familie" , named after a techno track released in the early nineties by Dr.Motte on the tresor label. This is no coincedence. Tresor is one of the most legendary clubs in Berlin. The label was founded in 1991 right after the opening of the club. Dr Motte is the guy who started the Love parade, which doesn't exist anymore. The love parade was a very huge gathering of millions of ravers walking behind trucks with music on them. Berlin was truly the mecca of techno.

I went to Tresor for the first time in 2014. two years before that I went to Berlin to visit galleries and various museums. These both trips were very inspirational for various reasons. They had a huge impact on my work, and my work looks like it does based on these visits. My work being sold in Berlin is very important to me because of this.










Acid rain

series of unique prints on brown paper | mei 2013





individual print 25 x 35 cm


When I started screen printing as an artist, and researched artists who use screen prininting, I always ended up with Warhol. He is the most famous artist who used the technique, and it's hard to ignore him. I decided to grab the bull by his horns and use him as my starting point for my first screen printed work.

His work has a lot of irony in it, and I really like his dark work. The problem I faced was that the irony gets lost when time expires. Contemperary popart misses the total lack of irony, or any critical idea, and they are never multi-layered. Maybe this work shouldn't be named pop-art but kitsch.

Depicted on the print is the Roland TR-303. The story of the 303 is a lesson in how creativity works. Roland intended to make a machine that accompanied guitarist with a bass-line, this was the 303. They believed it to be a failure and stopped making it. However it got picked up by some kids in Chicago who started making house music with it. It even got it's own music style, called acid house. The 303 bass-synthesizer became a very important tool, and the original ones are very expensive collector items.

With creativity comes a lot of failure. If you try to be creative it is just inevitable. Everybody wants to be creative but nobody wants to fail. You have to build in failure in your way of working, and allow yourself to fail.

This work guided me to the right use of creativity. I decided to read more about it, and be more conscious in using it. When peple ask me if I make art, I say that I try to be as creative as possible. I start with an idea, and see where it ends up.









James Brown is still alive

5 unique screen prints on papier | 50 x 65 cm| December 2014  


This was my second screen printing work I made. I wanted to surprise myself, so I started with some forms on a screen. It is a mix of making a collage and painting expressionistic. I printed a form on every piece, and then reflectd on what the next step should be. Next to form color is very important in these works.

I really liked the method, and decided to stick to it. I did more things in which the end result was pretty clear from the but this way of working really suits me. Not overthinking things too much, and working relatively quick is very important. When I think too much, I can't surprise myself, things become predictable.








Exctacy, you got what I need

4 x 4 screen prints on paper | 35 x 35 cm | oktober 2013.





This work was made with 3 forms and various color gradients. I swithced form and color afert 5 prints. I kept building layer on layer. It ranged from 2 layers until 6 layers. These were the 16 best ones.

I made these while I still was a the academy. At that moment I really didn't appreciate them  very well. Some time expired, and I would consider this a key work. Before this I was busy with all kinds of styles, but the use of color geometric shapes really suits me. I started doing this after I read about Otto Piene, and really liked his attitude towards art.