GRID grafisch museum Groningen | 28 april 2019




Video projection on printed cardboard. Dimensions : 60 x 140 cm


I wanted to use the square and circle forms I use in my screen prints for this installation. It was part of a show where my screen prints where hanging. Printing the work for this show, I came to the conclusion that a print should be the base of the work, and has to be beamed on to finish the work. This is the first time it really came together, and will be my main attention for the future. It was also audioreactive, which was a first, and music will be used a lot more in the future.









H.E.N.K. X

Parklicht | Oosterpark Amsterdam | 14 t/m 18 novemer 2018




Installation concisting of 10 screen printed wall papers, 100 x 200 meters, on chlorized paper, tied on a wooden frame. 4 pieces of 1 x 1 meter MDF, painted with fluorescent paint, with stripes drawn on them. At last a convex mirror with a diameter of 50 cm.


I was asked by polderlicht, who organised parklicht, to use Yayoi Kusama as an inspiration to make this installation. The site was at the Tropenmuseum, which held a show on Japanese culture at the same time. Every H.E.N.K. installation uses an artwork as an inspiration, and I had no problem with this one.

Kusama uses mirrors a lot in her work to create an unlimited space. I wanted to use a mirror to create a warped space and a more focussed way of looking, so I used a convex mirror, actually completely the opposite of the wayKusama uses it.

I painted stripes inspired by Manga comics, and screen printed a wall paper where I used a dotted pattern. The dotted pattern was inspired by Kusama her dots.











Noorderstation Groningen | December 2017


Schermafbeelding 2019-05-21 om 21.23.39.png.jpg


Installation consisting of a red and green tubular light, and a blacklight. One shadowbox hanging on the wall . A wallpaper consisting of 6 A0 posters with black & white geomtric patterns. And on the floor a wooden structure.


This is the second installment at the Noorderstation, but this time at the other side. It was near by my studio, and tried a lot of things out, which did not work, and ended up with a clean version. It was part of a gallery tour, called the Noorderlicht. Upon reflecting on the installation I really made a mistake. I should've kept it cleaner and more routed in reality. It should've been a suggestion to an entrance of a nightclub.











Orbitfestfest | synagoge Groningen | 15 t/m 17 december 2017


Schermafbeelding 2018-01-06 om 00.07.51.png.jpg


Installation view | 2 lightboxes 150 x 60 x 30 cm and filled with wood and MDF.

A looped and mapped projection is beamed on to the 2 boxes.



The seventh henk installation was on view at orbitfest. They are two lightboxes with wooden layers in them. They are inspired by brutalistic architecture. My work is called visual techno, and in this case it is literally visual techno. The animated projection was developed by using a particular program called resolume. You can animate forms which react on music. It also has a mapping function, which makes it very precise to use on walls, paintings or sculptures. It is very suitable for what I'm trying to achieve and it will be a very helpfull tool in the future. It is the software I was searching for for a long time.  

The music was made up from an acid track by Tin Man and a Track by Joris Voorn, all with the bass left out.The music was played at the installation.










H.E.N.K. VI 

Nightclub Oost, Groningen | september 2017 - november 2017


Schermafbeelding 2018-01-05 om 22.40.17.png.jpg

Installation view |  5 A0 posters covered with custom made frames




Responding to an open call, I was invited to design 5 posters and do my own take on the situation.

To create a moire effect when you walk by, I designed wooden frames with sheets of pvc on them. I painted stripes and blocks on the pvc sheets, to create the effect. The style of oost really fits my style, and I used art deco and graffiti aesthetics next to the lines. I am very happy with the final result, but the wooden frames fell on the ground during a techno night. They were kept of, but the posters do it very well even without the frames. It suits the club very well, and they are still hanging in the frames.



Each poster individually










H.E.N.K. V 

Noorderstation Groningen | August 2017



Schermafbeelding 2019-05-22 om 22.44.43.png.jpg

Installation concisting of a lightbox, two black and white A0 posters, a transparant piece of film with black stripes painted on them. A overhead projecto beaming light on the wall and posters.


The fifth H.E.N.K. installation situated at the Noorder station. When I found out about this initiative I mailed him, and asked if I could make an installation in one of their galleries. The next week I had Henk in my studio and at the end of the conversation my work was standing at the noorderstation.

Because of the sudden space I got to work with, and it was near by my studio I decided to make an experiment of it, and try various mock ups of the installation.In various situations when I was up for an installing an installation, I always had to have a solid plan before the start of the build. Big disadvantage from that is you always work with what you already know, instead of what you don't know yet.

I made various installations , and explored various vieuw points. I defintely found it a hard space to work with. I talked about it with various people, and they gave me their honest opinion. I didn't create my most aesthetic installation, but it was one I learned the most from. In the end the installation has been standing the longest of every installation I ever built.











Polderlicht | Metrostation Weesperplein Amsterdam | 6 maart - 28 april 2016


ATT 1457459697255 image:54158

Installation consisting of 5 wooden triplex boards 122 x 244 painted with flourescent paint, 4 white and 1 green. 3 blacklights, two rotating transparant acrylic plates, with black lines from vinyl. Three window stickers in black located on various places on the windows.


henk IV from polderlicht on Vimeo.


At the subway station Weesperplein I got the chance to make an installation. This was arranged by Polderlicht, an organisation that arranges art exhibitions in shop windows at various subway stations

When the stedelijk opened there was a large wall painting of Soll Lewitt. At that time I really didn't get it.The realization came when I saw a work of him in the subway in New York. That kind of work shouldn't be in a museum, but in a busy place were you walk by every day. It completely chnages the experience of the work. You have to walk by it, and not contemplate as much about it.

This is what I tried to achieve with this work. You can  experince it best by walking by it. It creates a vusal effect when you walk by, because I made lines on the windows and I hung rotating acrylatic plates with stripes on them. When you walk by there is always a different something else to be experienced.

During the display of the work, I got asked on a radio show, which was a classical radio show, and hung my work behind a klavecimbel.










Studio Pit Groningen | 15 juli tot 4 augustus



Installation consisting of three painting on carboard in varioue sizes, a blacklight,and a mirror reflecting the beamed animation on the paintings.




My final exam work was selected by graiphic design bureau PIT for the "selectie". This meant that my work was exhibited at their studio at the Oude Ebbingestraat in Groningen for two weeks. At night an animation was beamed  on the paintings, and a black light was on as well. The animation was made on the track "three O three" by public energy, which was not audible. Because of practical issues, the animation only playd one weekend.

Lesson from this was that the installation fitted well in the shop window. It looked a bit too normal actually. Normally I don't pay much attention to shop windows, but in this case i was forced. Shop windows use the same methods as I do, which are  bright color, lights and video. It was a weird  thing to realize this.












In Limbo | group exhibition Groningen | februari 2015




Installation concisting of a wooden structure, a painting on a wooden panel in hexagon shape attached to the top of the wooden structure. 5 small paintings on wooden panels painted with fluorescent paint. Attached to the bottom is a blacklight. On the large wooden panel an animation is bemaed on to the painting.


This work is based on the book by Robert Venturi "Learning from Las Vegas". This is a thorough analysis of the Las Vegas strip, and the thing that makes it so attractive to the large public. The book compares the architecture of the strip to some modernistic architecture. It's conclusions were very important to how architecture should be approached. One of my favorite artists Ed Ruscha was also very occupied with road architecture, and made various works about the city.

I am fascinated by the city, and after a visit in 2010 I'm very obsessed with it. The great difference between rich and poor is very surreal to experience. And visually I find the city extremely fascinating. It pushes all my buttons. The marquees of the strip are the most interesting to me. I really wanted to make a work about it, and this is the result of that.

Marquees have a day and night aesthetic. They have to seduce people during the day and in the night. This became very important to me after a visit at a gallery that had work that had to be video work, that had to be beamed. The beamers were not werking, and the place seemed very dead. That's when I realized I didn't want this to happen to me.










H.E.N.K. I

Academie Minerva | 25 februari 2014



 Installation consisting of wall painting in black paint and is about 2 x 4 meters . Beamed on that is a animation with circle expaning.


 This work consist of a wall painting with a animation projected on to it. The painting and animation create a interference pattern. It was the result of a summer of researching video and optic art. It comes from my interest in the relation between architecture, art and music. This was the first time I did this kind of thing.

A wall painting is , unlike a painting, part of the architecture of a building.The painting exists, because the building exists.I really liked the temporarity of it. The wall painting was there for 2 weeks, and the animation was there one day. It has the same temporarity of a techno party. The work was inspired by Soll Lewitt, an artist I really respect and lerned from.