"The first rebirth"  |study for a large installation

Wood, cardboard, acrylate and acrylic paint | 50 x 50 x 25 cm | november 2016





I wanted to work in 3D, and couldn't find an opening in it. When I saw the work of Clemens Behr, I really got inspired by him. I really liked his approach. More af an accidental placing of different 

With him as my guide, I noticed a lot more work of this kind, with Frank Stella as the most significant one.

The title of the work is a title of a Jones & Stephenson track. It is one of the few hardcore house tracks that with stood the test of time.









My name really doesn't matter | study for a larger installation

Acryl paint, card board on 8 mm MDF-paneel | 61 x 122 cm | september 2016












My name doesn't  matter | Study for a large installation 

acrylverf op hout 61 cm x 122 | july 2016